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The 2005 Chapbook Contest Results


we want to say thanks to all who entered. The judging--as you've noticed if you've been on the site recently--was extremely difficult. We had 250 or so entrants for the $1000 prize this year, of which probably 25-30 were really, really good, publishable. We picked out fourteen finalists, from which we picked one winner, and will publish three.

The 2005 Prize

goes to Rachel Moritz for her excellent manuscript The Winchester Monologues. She will receive a $1000 honorarium and 25 copies of the finely-printed chapbook. It is unlike anything else we have printed.

The finalists

Anne Boyer :: You Will Want Like Cowboys
Michelle Detorie :: Myomancy
Andrew C. Gottlieb :: Halflives
Joshua Harmon :: Scape
Matthew Hittinger :: Pear Slip
Janet Norman Knox :: Repeating Ourselves
Erin Malone :: What Sound Does It Make
Chad Parmenter :: Bat & Man
John Pursley III :: Elegy with Stillness in Mind
AJ Rathbun :: Heart
Martha Silano :: Harbor View
Peter Jay Shippy :: Once Upon a time the World
GC Waldrep :: The Batteries
Joshua Marie Wilkinson :: A Ghost as King of the Rabbits

The ones marked in red will be published in 2005/2006 by NMP. We wish we could publish more.

Thanks much

Though we are a small press with fairly limited resources, we are devoted to producing striking and elegant (when appropriate to the subject matter) chapbooks, and we keep them in print. We feel that we run one of the classier chapbook operations around. (The Wick Poetry Program through Kent State University runs a series of chapbooks that we envy.) All contest entry fees go to support the contest, chapbook series, and the press.

Our readers
change from year to year; we read work anonymously and try to be open to both traditional and experimental work. We strive to vary our aesthetic year to year and be open to what is excellent and moving.
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