*** While DIAGRAM continues to read regular submissions, we are looking for sonic work for an upcoming issue.

In the fall of 2003, DIAGRAM will publish a special edition devoted to the intersection of text and sound. This is a call for artists/musicians/writers working in sound to submit sound art for consideration.

Submissions may include spoken word, field recordings, abstraction, electronic or acoustic music, [insert any other shorthand description of sound exploration you please], or any combination thereof, so long as it addresses in some way, our interests: In oddness. In representations, naming, indicating, schematics, signs, indices, and obituaries. In the labeling and taxonomy of things. In sound work that engages in dialog; takes language or poetry or narrative as its subject, object, or referent, master or servant; addresses the language at the morpheme, phoneme, handsign, lips and tongue-level.

The usual DIAGRAM criteria also apply.

WE WANT sound pieces that engage the mechanics of meaning/poetry; the processes / of things, both inner and outer; of sound-image, confused, manipulated and otherwise; pieces that demonstrate rather then explain; point and uncover rather than demolish; how things become. How they expire. How they move or churn, or stand. Send us sound analogous to annotations, schematics, poems, sentence diagrams, definitions. Translate into/from sound.


Submissions must be received by Sep 1, 2003.

Please limit pieces to 3-4 minutes in length. Audio vignettes and cameos.

We prefer electronic submissions but will accept data files on CD-Rs, too (.wav, .aif, or high resolution stereo mp3s). Send zipped high resolution stereo mp3 files to <>.

All submissions should be accompanied by a brief artist's bio and a 'statement of intent' addressing the sound work.


Sound Art Submissions
c/o Shannon Fields
497 Sixth Avenue, 2R
Brooklyn, NY 11215