Tammy Ho Lai-ming and Reid Mitchell

Girl in stairwell: It's not the setting that makes the idea of Judgment terrible. Why must people emphasize the setting?

Boy flipping a coin: Because they cannot imagine skeletons' faces, nor what kind of clothes are worn.

Man unloading bricks: What if our rags heal themselves and turn into clothes? What if our bones grow flesh?

Girl in stairwell: Set aside romance!

Nanny tending an infant: In nature nothing is impossible, nothing is too straightforward. Is death the end of nature, or beginning?

Administrator: Our municipal graves are not dug by humans. They are excavated by the purest machines. They will resist Judgment Day.

Wife lingering in front of exclusive shop: I crave friendlier hands.

Woman wrapping fish: The skin of your workers will never be like skin I touched on first sex.

Girl in stairwell: That is the terror. Judgment has grown mechanical.






Most of our pieces are inspired by an apocalyptic future that we may or may not live long enough to see.