DIAGRAM issue 9.4, The (End of) Summer Fiction Issue, features:

— A story by our 2009 $5IFC winner August Tarrier, "Field Notes," selected by Brian Evenson

— Erica W. Adams' "Opening"

— Michael Agresta's "After the Party"

— Kristina Born's "Jack Twig Is the Evil Pulse of Canada

— Micah Nathan's "Simulacrum"

— Lito Elio Porto's "Airport Botany"

— Natania Rosenfeld's "The Tenant"

— Rhoads Stevens' "Who Does What to Whom"

— Jenny Zhang's "The Empty The Empty The Empty"


SCHEMATICS: The Archetypes of the Immature and the Mature Masculine; Balloons Containing an Egg; Diagram of the Possibilities in Any Negotiation; Instructions for Growing Out Legs; Multiplication: Phase Four; Sales Organization of a Sears, Roebuck Store with a Wide Span of Control; Supranuclear Palsy of Eyelid Closure; Table Center in a Trough


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