TEXT BY: Lindsay Bell, J. P. Dancing Bear, Laura Donnelly, Adam Houle, Maria Hummel, T. J. Jarrett, Gabrielle Jesiolowski, Elizabeth Langemak, A. McHugh, Keith Montesano, Daniel Robbins, Aubrey Ryan, Glenn Shaheen, Analicia Sotelo, Andrew Terhune, Florencia Varela, Catherine Wing, Joshua Jennings Wood.

SCHEMATICS: A. A Diagram of the Winter Cluster as Seen through a Vertical Section of a Two-Story Hive Cut across the Middle of the Cluster; Color Signal Waveforms; Demonic Use of the Flesh; Device for Shaping of the Upper Lip; Final Hybrid Model; Precession of the Equinoxes; Stone Creek Ward; Supranuclear Palsy of Eyelid Closure; Unidentified Russian Naval Diagram.

REVIEWS: Scott Butterfield on Allison Carter; Matt Dube on Benjamin Rosenbaum; Amanda Maule on Rusty Morrison; John Madera on Peter Selgin.

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