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John Joynt


Each city is a surgery.
Each town is a faith.
Each river is a forge
that wiles before it waits.
Each Arab is a German.
Each American is a pawn.
Each building meets the seer 
with a hammer and a stake.
Each Russian wears a burden.
Each Pole knows how to drink.
While the motorcade is singing
the chagrined mount attack.
Each reverie is followed
by a warn of misconduct.
Each gleam of love is turned
into pornographic content.
Each summer learns to want.
Each spring begins to remember.
Each porch gathers a cyborg
staring back the people.
Each question is a walk.
Each answer is a vision.
The blind dream softly
heedless of evil.
Before the bruise goes black
and evening turns fair
each effaced soul transitions
to the wallow of rhetorical bore.



In a theory of everything
life is corpuscular and silly.
Reeds wash river's oration.
Night a sneeze of clouds.
Yards of visible light, half-
dead like a stoic about to 
dream of something fancy. 




Raised as a staunch economist, once bought Milton Friedman's shoes on ebay to chew like a poorly trained rottweiler.