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elliɵtt horowitz


Under is water. Over is north. Swallow is under.  Is the pull inside loose enough for the north to pluck feathers. For the over to the roof of the barn.  For the under to reflect in or the water to swallow in.  For the over to push the under when it rains.  For the under to hide from itself.  For the under to swallow the water.  For the swallow to rest in the over tree.  For the swallow to north a noise.  For the water to swallow the noise.  For the water to over the pull.  For the water to swallow the pull.  For the swallow to under the pull.  To swallow water is the pull inside, don’t let the pull north, over and out. 



for Chandler Lewis

Where there is a hole is where you leave a trail.  Where there is a trail is where I trail behind.  Where there is space is where there is field.  Where there is field is where there is imagine.  Where there is that is where there is this: a white house chipping, plants between planks, bare feet and fingers, sunlight blind, sitting up and the glimpse of still, that is: rain left on leaves, only morning, what is congealing in only morning, the feel of hard words that are still.  And there still is deep in your bucket.  And there in your bucket is a hole.  



The context of the feet are the unfeet that is the water, the shoes, the other feet in bed.  The context of the bed is the feet that slide off the edge, the feet that are entangled, the feet that takes to measure the push of the heart that is the push of the blood that is the push of the body or the lost breath.  The context of the lost breath is unknown. 



An O is a circle like an other. An other is a circle like an O.  Always an O, always an other.  Always an other fire-pit O; always an other traffic O; always an other kissing O; always an other sleeping O; always an other voodoo O; always an other fishbowl O; always an other doorknob O; always an other hand palm O; always an other tracing O; always an other compass O; always an other bogey O; always an other running O; always an other planet O; always an other lipstick O; always an other timepiece O; always an other water O; always an other nipple O; always an other chasing O; all ways get out an other way.




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