E. P. Rubacky, "Appearance: Likes and Dislikes," Sensory Evaluation of Appearance of Materials: a symposium sponsored by ASTM Committee E-12 on Appearance of Materials, and Committee E-18 on Sensory Evaluation of Materials and Products, 1973, American Society for Testing and Materials, Philadelphia


Regrettably, the question of whether or not an "appearance" is pleasing depends for its answer on the inherent properties of the material or product itself and the personal plus social behavioral milieu which prevails or applies. Perforce, it becomes important to know if respondents think of a given tumbler as half-full or half-empty, or even their views on truth-falisty and perception-deception. Is the artificial grass in stadiums the same in appearance to the player and the fan? Are false teeth, bosoms and eyelashes, contact lenses, wigs and toupees, cosmetics in general, tailoring, or ersatz building/decorating materials all deceptions? ... Point of view thus joins need among the complex factors of hedonics in consumption. One can need, dislike, and still buy; another can like, not need, and buy or not buy.

Hedonic Types