Jaimie Gusman


a girl with a puddle. a king with a piano.
spill over their days. spill their legs over.
and into their caves. and into their safes.

goin' to town with this little foot.
goin' to town to kick the town down.

my child is pretty. my child is forbidden.
this world is scary. the world scares this world.
I won't let you go dear. I won't let her go.

goin' to the city with a cloak and a bow.
goin' to the city to let the whole city go.

a girl and an apple. a king and his pleats.
dance with the demons. dance with the sea.
fall into your under. get under your fall.

goin' to heaven with hell in my spine.
goin' to heaven to claim what was mine.






"Still life with Karen Carpenter" comes from a larger "Still life" series, which includes celebrities like Alex Trebek and Frasier Crane. I came to this idea after finding myself losing serious amounts sleep because I couldn't stop watching The Flavor of Love 2 marathon. For more Karen Carpenter, check out the currently illegal, but great 1987 film Superstar directed by Todd Haynes.