Jim Keith, Black Helicopters over America: Strikeforce for the New World Order, IllumiNet Press, 1994


The secret government plan dubbed Operation Rex 84 came into being at the confidential orders of President Ronald Reagan, and authorized the setting up of at least 23 huge American concentration camps (or "emergency detention centers") to be used in the case of a national emergency. Under the Rex 84 contingency, plans were developed for the arrest of "suspect aliens" as well as troublesome homegrown elements considered "potentially subversive," numbering in the tens of thousands. Although the National Security Decision Directives that brought these camps into being have since been canceled, the concentration camps are said to still exist.

The reason I believe that the commitment of the entire populace of the U.S. to prison camps is not the likely scenario, is that we are already incarcerated in one of hte most devilishly effective concentration camps ever devised: a "free" society (so the slavish and enslaving media tells us), in which all of the institutions are controlled by small cliques of monied elite.... There are no shortage of books which can be studied to get an in-depth understanding of this club of bloody-handed blue bloods.

In my opinion the crunch is certainly coming—and coming soon—including the total confiscation of guns from the populace, and the revoking of privileges which we have gotten so used to that we don't even notice them, possibly including the freedom of speech, of assembly, of religion, of movement. At this moment those freedoms have been so abridged and selectively violated that their complete revocation is only a matter of degree. But I believe that it is only those who resist and speak out against this authoritarian takeover who will be spending their days in the camps. Who knows, though? I could be wrong.