* We believe in the serial comma.

* We prefer to avoid dishing about our contributors' undoubtedly impressive degrees, as we just don't care that much

Elisabeth Benjamin lives in the Maine woods. She takes her scythe to work. Her stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Meridian, Mid-American Review, New Orleans Review, and Left-Facing Bird. [email]

Blake Butler is the editor of Lamination Colony. 'The Many Forms...' is from a recently completed novel-in-stories, SCORCH ATLAS, other parts of which have appeared or will soon in Ninth Letter, New York Tyrant, LIT, Willow Springs, etc. He lives in Atlanta. [blog] [email]

Debra Di Blasi is the recipient of many awards, including a James C. McCormick Fellowship in Fiction from the Christopher Isherwood Foundation, Thorpe Menn Book Award, Cinovation Screenwriting Award, and others. Her books include The Jirí Chronicles & Other Fictions (FC2/University of Alabama Press, 2007); Drought & Say What You Like (New Directions, 1997); and Prayers of an Accidental Nature (Coffee House Press, 1999). The short film based on her novella, Drought, won a host of national and international awards, and was one of only six U.S. films invited to the Universe Elle section of the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. Her innovative fiction has been anthologized and adapted to film, radio, theatre, and audio CD in the U.S. and abroad, and her essays, art reviews and articles published in a variety of international, national and regional publications. Debra is president of Jaded Ibis Productions, a transmedia corporation™ producing fictive audio interviews and music, videos, print, web and visual art, and ironic consumer products, and the real innovative literature and arts channel, BLEED. She frequently lectures on innovative literature.

Amanda Goldblatt wants you to know that everything you've heard is true. She also wants you to know that she can currently be found in St. Louis at the Washington University MFA program, surrounded by beautiful people with ultramodern intellects and soft, soft hearts. Additionally, she loves you all. [email]

Amelia Gray lives and works in Austin, TX, where it is a daily struggle to keep from fitting her cats with tiny clothes as if they were people. Her fiction is published or forthcoming in McSweeney's Internet Tendency, Caketrain, Swivel, Guernica, Bound Off, and Bust Down the Door and Eat All the Chickens, among others. [email]

Matt Leibel lives in San Francisco, and pays through the nose for the privilege. He has recent work appearing or forthcoming in Quarterly West, The St. Ann's Review, and Opium. [email]

Mark Leidner's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Forklift, Ohio, The Iowa Review, Notnostrums, La Petite Zine, Skein, and Thermos. His chapbook The Night of 1,000 Murders is available through Factory Hollow Press. He teaches at Abraham Baldwin College in his hometown of Tifton, GA. [email]

Sarah Scoles is currently pursuing an MFA at Cornell University. Prior to this engagement, she studied astrophysics. She has found that both writing and science require lots of time spent staring at computer screens. [email]

Mika Taylor lives in Tucson, Arizona with the writer PR Griffis. This is her first publication. [email]

Kea Wilson is a senior at a weensy liberal arts college in Maryland, where she is studying philosophy, the poetry of various cantankerous frenchmen, upsettingly difficult physics equations, the universe, and other things. She is originally from Cleveland (which is GREAT) and has hung out extensively in Traverse City, Santa Fe and Spain. She also keeps a blog of mini-fictions and non-fictions that she is certain no one reads (come on, make her day). [blog] [email]