A. K. Scipioni

Because pie makes two:
Layer through.
Layer. Bake. Layer.
Annie ambles. Betty wavers.
Do you need me? Layer. Pie makes
Two. Layer soft. Layer few. Annie
Layers. Betty, too. Likeasandwich.
Stone. Dirt. Pound. Makes
Two. Layer through. Small pan.
Set. Pie. Bake. Waver. Betty wavers.
Betty bakes. Stick
And done. Upside waif. Ready bake.
Done? And make. Till done. Till done. My
One. Betty, done? Wait. Betty weight. Annie
bates. Annie shapes. Likeasandwich. On
Top. Hold. And over. Betty, over. A plate
On top the other. Betty lover. Betty mother.
Dress it. And wake. Annie ambles. Betty
Shakes. Betty layers. To take. Pan,
Betty. Bake. Rambling, love. Betty.
Bake. Layer few. Makes two. Ambling.
Small till smaller. Few. Set in. Bake.
Make two. Annie ambles. Betty
Wakes. Likeasandwich. Plate. Pie. Top.
Annie ambles. Betty mops. Annie ambles.
Good girl. Stop. Betty top. Rambling.
Love. Amble. Dirt. Stone.
Pie. Pound. Water and sift. Water, Betty.
Water. Bake Father. Girl. Layer make.
Daughter. Betty wanders. Betty wanders.
Annie ambles. Annie saunters. Good
Good. Daughters. Likeasandwich. To
Boston, Betty? Boston? Betty sway.
I would go. I would gray. Betty say.
Say. Betty. Sift. Unsift, you say?
How else? Flour. Bake. Stone, stay. Betty
Amble. Betty. Way. Stone. Stay. Lone.
Lay. Betty. Way. Stop. Sift. Betty. Stiff.
Lifting Betty. Shift. Betty lift. Betty lift. Waver.
Wake. Waver. Annie ambles. Betty layers. Lift.
Like layer. Pebble. Girl. Waver. Makes two. Two.
Layers. Likeasandwich, Betty. Stay.



"Betty One: How to Bake Pies" is poem one in a series entitled, "How to Make a Girl." The series finds itself a Betty figure. A narrative and the "How to" of domestication follow, thereafter. Betty is a way and a girl and a boy. Betty is all things becoming.