TEXT IN THIS ISSUE: Hanna Andrews; John Bradley; Nickole Brown; Kate Hill Cantrill; Jennifer Chapis; Shira Dentz; Sandy Florian; Jessica Goodfellow; Scott Hartwich; Michael Johnson; Stephanie Lenox; B. J. Love; Carl Peterson; Lee Felice Pinkas; Kate Schapira; Ash Smith; Michael Walsh.


IMAGES: Derek White; ToC images by Gina Rymarsuk [more of her work coming in 7.2]

REVIEWS: [on Jason Bredle's Standing in Line for the Beast] [Gunnar Benediktsson on Ariana-Sophia M. Kartsonis' Intaglio] [Edmund Sandoval on Kellie Wells' Skin]

SCHEMATICS: [Fig. 105. Key Figure.] [Operating-room setup showing tables for instruments and supplies designed to facilitate the work of the surgeon, his assistants, and the nurses.] [Other Assets] [Structure of the Internet] [Summary] [The Result of a Series of Wave Fronts Passing the Edge of a Wall]

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