Matthew Cooperman

Eye: line plays the primary role, a knowing fragility linking forms, or an animating tenderness, source and subject, all manner of ferocious invention

Orientation: up or down, flat or hanging, taut or dangled, on the wall, in the wall, near the wall, as the wall

Challenge: to cut a singular shape in calligraphic time

Number: a (2) opacity, a (3) thickness, a (4) summer, these aren't kites but they're not signs, mere ideopanes (5) in flight

Method: sewing, drawing, cutting, dropping in dye (tintex), wrinkling, balling, fading, hanging, projecting, quoting

Quote: "A most pictorial postminimalist sculpture, it's not possible to say 'is it a painting or a sculpture?,' it uses properties of both and is probably neither"

Activity: he's nailing a stick to the eye to the wall (70s); he's mocking R's Bed (80s); paint the frame blue, now break it (90s); assemblage is the whole wall (00s)

Materials: wire, string, rope, cardboard, canvas, plywood, lightbulb, string

Eye: a love or laugh for living things, it's material's candor, the tremor of hand, motivating the plane to make objects of shadow

Compound: line-the-hand-thinking, color-wheel-of-fortune, egg-forms-and-lozenges-on-the-rise, a-working-at-one-go

Activity: everyone is a bad smock maker (60s); Leger's got a hard-on (70s); wire is mostly shadow (70s); I like that boat (it's cardboard) (80s); resonation of reference: ghost angel, dragonfly, bean form blooming (curator-speak, 90s)

Title: "Half a Xmas Tree Falling," "Quiver Off," "This is a Diagonal That is Possible and That It is also a Tangent is an Indicator It is a Diagonal Constructed in Three Different Ways with Two Colors"

Numen: wall? well? I don't know where I'm standing when I looking




"Still: Tuttle" emerged out of a visit to the Richard Tuttle retrospective at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

It's part of the "gallery" section of a work in progress called Still: Writing. I think of Still: Writing as a technique as much as a project. It's something in the way of capturing, of containing or controlling by category, by index, by the functional capacity of the colon. How to "still" this hypertropic world, and how to run "about."