* We believe in the serial comma.

* We prefer to avoid dishing about our contributors' undoubtedly impressive degrees, as we just don't care that much.

Amy Blache is currently pursuing her MFA at Southern Illinois University.

S. Burgess, editor of the publication Alice Blue, recently relocated to the Arizona desert where over two hundred people died last year after illegally crossing the border and at least that many paid to deaden muscles in their face. She's back on antidepressants and the experts say she's come a long way, despite fevered, reoccurring nightmares about Colombian drug wars. [email]

Naomi Clewett's writing has been published in Puerto del Sol, Black Warrior Review, Limestone: A Journal of Art and Literature, American Poets and Poetry, Gravitational Intrigue: An Anthology of Emergent Hypermedia, Southern Poetry Review, and Turnings: Writings on Women's Transformations. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

Stephanie De Haven is pursuing her MA in Creative Writing at the University of Texas at Austin. She is a displaced Gulf South poet, who will never again live west of the 94th Meridian nor north of the Mason-Dixon line. Her work has appeared in The Texas Poetry Journal, The Delta Undergraduate Journal, and Unarmed Journal. She won the Dara Wier Poetry Prize in 2003, and the CoastCon Annual Flash Fiction Contest in 2001. [email]

Matt Dube graduated from the University of Lousiana at Lafayette and elsewhere. He teaches writing in a lab at Grand Valley State University.

Josh Hanson currently lives in Missoula, Montana with his wife and two daughters. Recently, his manuscript was named as a finalist in the first annual Three Candles Press book prize, and his work has appeared or is forthcoming in H_NGM_N, DIAGRAM, 42opus, Softblow, Three Candles, Plainsongs, and others. He is the editor of Eucalyptus: a Journal of the Broken Narrative.

Derek Henderson is currently alive and well in Salt Lake City, where he lives with his fiancée and their three (sometimes four) children.  His work has appeared or will appear shortly in Barrow Street, Fence, Action Yes, GutCult, GoodFoot, New Delta Review, Word for/Word, and Flyway.  At the moment, his favorite quote is Don Revell's "An exact white lollipop".

Matthew Hittinger lives and works in New York City and enjoys pears, hybridities, synaesthetics, secret identities, and old school Madonna (okay—some of the new stuff too...) His work can be found in recent issues of American Letters & Commentary, Meridian, and the Best New Poets 2005 anthology.

A Journey teaches creative writing at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she's currently completing her MFA in poetry. She recently served as the Associate Editor for Blackbird from 2005-2006. She's received the 2005 Sycamore Review Wabash Prize for Poetry, the Academy of American Poets' Catherine and Joan Byrne Poetry Prize, VCU's Graduate Poetry Award, and an Editors' Choice selection for Mid-American Review's James Wright Poetry Award. Journey has also been nominated for a Ruth Lilly Fellowship. Her poetry appears or is forthcoming in such journals as Cimarron Review, FIELD, Gulf Coast, Mid-American Review, Sycamore Review, and elsewhere. Her critical work appears in Blackbird.

Paul Klinger's "The General Quiet" will soon be released as a major motion picture by MacawMacaw Studios. The film's subtitles are provided by Aaron Zaritsky. No animals were injured during the translation of this film.

LeisureArts is an infra-institutional practice engaged with various forms of ephemeral, convivial, and quotidian cultural production and not nearly as pretentious as it might sound. [website]

Dawn Cunningham Luebke lives in Fort Wayne, was raised in Fort Wayne, born in Fort Wayne, and all her schooling has been done in Fort Wayne, right through to her B.G.S.. Her work has appeared in Confluence, a journal published at Indiana Purdue Fort Wayne (IPFW). She is a wife to Garry, mother to Jessica, David, Vincent, and Ginet (pronounced Gin-et, not Gin-[long]a), and grandmother to Brianna and Kyla, and unwillingly (for her children, of course) a multiple pet owner tothree dogs, Shiloh, Champ, Gunner, and three cats, Punk, Elvis Presley, and Grover. Currently, she works for the Fort Wayne Community School Corporation as a Bus Assistant assisting special needs children.

Mark McKain has worked as an animation and comic book writer and as an editor of nonfiction books and magazines. His poetry has appeared in The New Republic, Atlanta Review, Blue Mesa Review, Green Mountains Review, Mudfish, and elsewhere. His chapbook Ranging the Moon was published by Pudding House Publications in 2003. He teaches writing at the University of South Florida and The University of Tampa. He is also the recent recipient of a Fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center.

Peter Orner was born in Chicago. He is the author of the novel The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo and the story collection Esther Stories. He currently teaches at San Francisco State.

Dan Pinkerton lives in Mitchellville, Iowa. His work is forthcoming in Poetry East, New Orleans Review, Knock, Indiana Review, Minnesota Review, and Lake Effect.

Derek Pollard is an associate editor at New Issues Poetry & Prose, and a contributing editor at Barrow Street. His poems and reviews appear or are forthcoming in Ambit (UK), Colorado Review, Court Green, Flyway, Interim, and Pleiades, among others.

Claudia Ryan recently received an MFA from the University of South Florida in visual art. Before being academically certified, she painted and drew for a long time. Claudia was born in Washington, D. C. back when people could have large white radios. Televisions were large then too, but their screens were small. That was the best you could get. Now it doesn't matter. Now she lives in Tampa without a cat or cigar.

Morgan Lucas Schuldt edits CUE: A Journal of Prose Poetry. His work has appeared in Pleiades, Verse, Typo, LIT, Fascicle, POOL, Hotel Amerika, and The Massachusetts Review, among others. Currently, he studies at the University of Arizona.

M B Seigel lives with his wife and daughter in Houghton, Michigan, where he teaches and putzes. [email]

Abraham Smith stems from Ladysmith, Wisconsin. He was a 2004-05 Writing Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center. His poems are out, or soon out, at APR, Fence, jubilat, Denver Quarterly, Northwest Review, etc. He's moving to NYC in the fall.