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Eliyahu M. Goldratt, What is this thing called THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS and how should it be implemented, North River Press, 1990.

In order to demonstrate that both The Goal and The Race cover only a small portion of the applications of the Theory of Constraints, even as far as production itself is concerned, the next example, I would like to present, is from The Theory of Constraints Journal* This article is an excellent demonstration of the Effect-Cause-Effect method in pinpointing core problems (notice that Jonah insists on diving three levels deep into the logical tree) and the Evaporating Clouds method is used to highlight simple solutions. But not less important is how these mothods merge together to enable the effective use of The Socratic Method.

* (Volume 1, Number 3, Article 2.)

(The Theory of Constraints Journal is a Periodic publication written solely by Dr. Goldratt.)