This, DIAGRAM 6.1,  

This is the sidebar, in which you can find useful information about our Chapbook Contest (the deadline is in April); Submissions to the Magazine; some Corollary Sites; the ubiquitous Masthead; a link to Buy stuff, such as the Anthologies, and the Comprehensive and Super Useful Author Index.

our thirty-first issue, includes a story slash essay slash poem (you call it) by Jenny Boully; a poem with substitute words for love by Molly Brodak; poems by Michael Comstock and Peter Conners; stories by Robert Lopez and Michael McCauley; visual poems by Andrew Nightingale; a poem by JoLee Gibbons Passerini; a lovely poem by Sima Rabinowitz, author of the NMP chapbook Murmuration; a poem we've been nurturing for some time by Martha Silano; poems from Hugh Steinberg; photographs of abandoned anti-aircraft batteries in Marin County, California by Jennifer MacKenzie with accompanying text by by GC Waldrep (a companion piece to his recent chapbook The Batteries); more lovely slash creepy slash wigged out images from Gregg Williard; and a new and dead-sister-tastic story from Kevin Wilson. We also have reviews of Tim Earley's new poetry book Boondoggle and Mark Yakich's new chapbook The Making of Collateral Beauty.

If you would like to read notes about our contributors, we have those too. Email and tell them all about your secret love for their work.

And, of course, the schematics: A Diagram of Trust; Case 24: Total Daily Time Spent Concentrating on Activities, but Not on Lover; Horizontal Scales of Atmospheric Motions; Mundus Subterraneus; four diagrams from Theory of Constraints: [One] [Two] [Three] [Four] (and an author photo that was too good to pass up).