Jennifer Ashton



we know how it is this week it's an action packed week with an epic confrontation the game

that changed the game where it didn't just happen it was just one of those plays it was pretty

much give it your best shot like he was trying to find somebody to hug like I'm open I'm

taking it give it to me to have a guy his size a little bit out of position for a second more they

fought to the finish words do not describe the drama that has just unfolded it was on the line

we saw the reverse of the movie unfold out of his mind but who's going to take a chance to put

history behind there is court and then there is battle and we all know the most magical moments

have occurred in national disbelief how do you choose between the two top moments in the

world it's great closing in on the most incredible moment another chapter in the history of pure

excitement even if I don't count his four unsuitable efforts I'm thankful I got a chance to watch

the best moment in that man's life I'll be able to enjoy it the rest of my life



hey cut that out you all right I'm all right why you hit me why you hitting me why she hit you

what is you a damn fool like you sound like a damn professional talking shit the other night go

fuck you man fuck you turn your punk ass over but I didn't do it man I love you fuck you

give me the motherfucking haircut yourself man go clean you still got one left I don't know

how I feel about it neither why you put all that bullshit on it now you gotta shoot somebody

sometime like they shouldn't have been there in the first place man shit just goes on and on and

next thing there your girl right there in a white man's army




Each "channel" is an arrangement of words that occurred during a segment of a specific broadcast.  There are no words in the text that did not occur in the broadcast, and there are no more repetitions of words than occurred in the broadcast.  Original Programming for 600 Channels began as a fanciful way of thinking about the work of the German photographer Thomas Demand.  It is an effort to approximate with words something like the overweening assertion of artistic agency (to me a good thing) that occurs when Demand constructs paper models of scenes in photographs of historic events and places, and then re-photographs them.  I imagine the often negligible constraints of the word processor as analogous to those of the camera.