Scott Zieher


Welcome to Waukesha Wisconsin Night as Chicago Faucet's Northern Division proudly announces its Annual Regional Salesman's Awards. Novelettes will be heartily offered along with light snacks, beer provided by Foxhead and Gettelman and a midnight sitting of Vienna Sausages, cheese fondue, French onion soup, boiled cod, candied yams and a barrel of newly unearthed, deeply buried Tawny for afterward. This year's recipient, Norman Gilbert, whose porcelain sink and brass knob roadwork and sale volume from Shakopee to Pardeeville and back again qualifies him as the embodiment of the Chicago Faucet motto of matter versus manner (mantel and molten also skin and skeleton) receives the award in his finest corduroy suit of deepest virid. He is a static iron filing magnet and his handsome certificate will be hereby granted on Tuesday's foxing Aurucana shell paper. No smoking in the garden this afternoon due to the egg hunt. High volt Chicago Faucet Sweater vests are still available for $12.00 in human resources. See Verne or Nancy. Due to the weekends nest flood over by the warehouse, next Friday's Spaghetti Dinner has been rescheduled for the previous Monday at Noon.