Christine Boyka Kluge and Rick Mullarky


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Working on "Guilt" was entertaining and energizing. I had worked with Rick before, on an interactive collaboration for Born Magazine, and our ideas seemed to mesh well. "Guilt" began as a single line I wrote when Rick sent me an e-mail asking for dialogue ideas for a different project he was starting. I replied that I rarely wrote dialogue, but this stray sentence (which I thought would prove useless to him) materialized: "I carry it room to room in a shoebox." The prose poem evolved from there, and developed into a separate project. As an artist myself, I was curious to see where Rick would take this visually, how he would guide the viewer through the piece. I loved watching his surreal landscapes surface, frame by frame. He was respectful of my opinions and suggestions. As before, I was surprised and delighted by the way the art/design complemented and expanded the writing. —CBK

Working with Christine is always great, and her poems have such a visual quality that imagery immediately occurs to me while reading them. I first saw 'guilt' at the end of an email about a different project, and was immediatley struck by the poem. I really enjoyed the building pace and the stark ending, and it was a great chance to try out some programmatic music schemes I had been working on. Christine is really open to interperetation and always has great comments to nudge the project in the right direction or (in one case) to restrain a bit of gory exuberance. —RM