Janek Schaefer




This is the title track from my first release, a lo-fi hand lathed transparent LP, audiOh!,1997.

I invented the Tri-Phonic Turntable in 1997, a micro vari-speed, reversible direction, multiple play three tone-arm record player. I built it so I could create accidents and discover new sounds locked inside old vinyl finds. 'His Master's Voices' is a deceptively simple demonstration of this idea. This was the first collage I ever recorded on it. T.S. Eliot reads an extract in mono from his 1944 poem "Four Quartets," which ponders 'Time', past and present. Taking the spacing of the tone-arms as a basic delay device set out on a single copy of the LP, each output is panned across the stereo field which in turn 'amplifies' the content of the prose.