Jordan Eagles





CREATION: MOTHER & CHILD / 2001, 36" x 30", Blood & Mixed Media on Plexiglas

SHE DANCED WHILE I WAS IN HER BELLY / 2002, 36" x 30", Blood & Mixed Media on Plexiglas


Are our souls bound to our flesh? What have our souls experienced before entering the womb? When did our bodies develop personalities? Where do our souls go once our physical bodies perish? These fundamental questions inspire my current series of multidimensional abstractions on Plexiglas.

"A Trans-Natal Experience," explores the relationships within the relationships that govern how the body-spirit relate to infinity. Mammalian blood is a key ingredient in this work. I use blood as a material to further explore how the body and spirit relate to each other and to identify the critical paradox within the recurring theme of rebirth, a spiritual regeneration. Blood, essential to life but most often symbolizing physical death, helps give life to my work, in effect, allowing what had died to be reborn. Once completed, the works are sealed in resin, preserving the rich color and texture of blood, found only in nature. The combination of organic and synthetic materials fuse the opposition—a new balance exists.

Physical Birth is a crucial theme in my work. We have all spent our initial human experience sharing a body from inside another living entity: mother. This maternal bond sets up a lifelong struggle to share our inner energy with other living beings through our bodies. Here, my work enjoins the biological function with the physical intimacy, tenderness and emotional freedom of physical birth.

My ongoing pursuit is to create works of beauty and balance that will intrigue the mind, touch the heart and engage the viewer in philosophical discourse. I continue to wonder how other lives might have interacted with my own, both before my physical birth and after my death. I don’t expect to find the answer. Instead, I hope to continue to uncover more intriguing questions to stimulate and expand my creative vision