Christopher Arigo



Accelerator You cannot see how your gaze upsets the seen—
indecisive: between place or time, between cat alive or cat dead.
Your manifesto of smashing for novelty, assembling refuse
into refusals with the sound of a television switched
off and fading. Your legs spark under sheets. Backscatter
When snapping dust reflects toward us, an excited
brume of Decay When phrases settle into matrices mapped
with red arrows and Xs or an unforeseen breakdown: enucleate
into nucleus, atomize into ato——verb to noun to verb—
into Excited particles When they assemble into a you, into
a we, forgotten or ignored in higher states of swirling energy
expressed—by you—by smashing windows and raising
your arms to welcome the diffracting splinters back to earth
or dancing in their Scintillation When air is charged by your static
and scent—of lilies and musk—then our hands blur
when moving, trailed by afterimages of hands after images
catch up to themselves, when Strangeness Numbers Or any
number of particles survive our proximity of one



Albedo See the ratio of how brilliantly you burn :
the conflagration scintillating in your eyes : what remains
unabsorbed : how your body reflects red near a brick building.
Coherent light See how singularly you desire some system to
circumscribe desire—beginning w/ what you believe you see,
some somatic delusion. Critical angle See when your body is
synonymous w/ incandescence. Diffraction See how your body
emanates in infinite directions the tension between desire &
necessity, the moment just after sleep & just before waking—
how lucid dreams reflect you, the dreamer. Focal point See the
convergence, real or apparent, of rays reflected by mirror. This is
your visual echo. This is your Illuminated body See how you
alter minute by minute as sun passes from zenith to nadir, how
attuned your eyes are to any azimuth, the ratio of celestial body :
celestial body. See angle, critical & the intensity of your flux,
how you shimmer, how you collapse towards your vertex, how
you implode w/ desire & radiant colors. Light means vision
means mirror means to see


These indices are two in a series of six that deal with major concept-branches of physics—(electricity & magnetism, nuclear & particle physics, cosmology, heat, acoustics, optics). To attempt to index such a vast body of knowledge seems presumptuous, perhaps impossible, thus why they must be abbreviated in their scope.

Physics also embodies such a beautiful and brilliant jargon.