Geneva Chao



tender zero: invokes the surface of the moon (in dreams) & so spoon
up a notch into this barque or that lounger     (a lack apparent)
which follows the thought to your hour: attraction      (as a ratio)
density (as a property of cunning) (and vain) or a prophecy of      (as pure water)
layers of varying speed, the slow collapse (and spume)
influence (bears your standard), force      (by weighing in air)


a mechanism:
where flames the necessary power to raise your temperature (excitement)
a relationship of equals ratchets exponent tremors     (mass)
a convalescence of whorls          to the edge of the fire, an immolent (by degrees)
conversion: call these marshmallows          that flare brief & singe shorthairs (prostrate)
as salty water washes in;
& melt like the witch in a puddle of functions which (engine)


gives, but there is no legend to determine the measure (usually other than rational)
of efficiency of a rocket engine or any agent of (throbs)
propulsion thus expressed;          (through tissues and nerves)
where a wink of dinnerplate eye or the twist of your runcible
still sends the sandy dance                     (of joy or of derring)          (of feathers or maw)
in a waver of tails, a drive of retrievers, to leap     for it     again;
therefore thrust     (spontaneous inclination) produced is enough to launch     (in a distance of tides)
these slices of quince as the rate cycles high;
(driving onward)(driving toward)


executing the steps       (tapetum lucidum)
according to an order, your pacific
eye circles as if to extend (a third membrane)
or say it is ordained;     (this fulfillment)(this light through breaks)
the letter mandates (the behaviour of tongues)
substantially                  (or the manner of reacting)
as an equitable remedy to which i enjoin
you a shilling free         (a stimulus)
from ambiguity — (an act of representing)(refracting)
for a winking ring         (or a promise)
and a winded sail           (or request)


binomial: not of the owl (auriculacea)
poised glassy and stiff   (in place of a name)
but of the attribute       (characterising)
that marks us, sapiens sapiens;     (complex, erectus)
therefore let us keep the feast         (identify)
of this moniker: proper
to you, being of various
physical constants,       (being of language, of song)
a common                        (H. vulgaris)
surname, a plausible    (within)



it is becoming increasingly apparent to me that various natural laws are the only appropriate (or permanent) schema for thinking about most things, including dogs, oceans, and other human preoccupations.