TEXT, IMAGE, IMAGE-TEXT, TEXT-IMAGE: Jay Barrett, Janée J Baugher, Maddy Chrisman-Miller, Jack Christian, Chae(lee) Dalton, Dante Fuoco, Richard Greenfield, Janis Butler Holm, Jessica Hudson, Melissa Fite Johnson, Cindy King, Sean Lovelace, Rosie Ninesling, Claire Polders, Maggie Wu.     

REVIEWS: makalani bandele on K. Iver, Angie Mazakis on Carrie Oeding.

SCHEMATICA: California Crane School; Network, Sub-Network, Junction-Pair, Mesh; Passive Use of the Hands in Portraits of Women; A Tedious Problem from Monadic Logic (Continued); Use of the Hands in Portraits of Men.