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Maria Dylan Himmelman


I found myself lost in Truth or Consequences
hungry but proud, so when offered food
I lied about a large fish that I hadn't caught
and told myself that God forgave this particular
compression because a man in Texas once said
fish tails are allowed, as the Good Lord Himself
plies the seas with a cod, and when the mayor wanted
to phone me a horse he asked if I rode, and I said
Like the fucking wind, but if I am to be honest
I had never sat on a source and someone had forgotten
to close the gate to the haddock and the beast
got loose and was linty and floss while I made
a fool of myself trying to get my foot in the stirrup
and a town beating was convened and the carcinogens
agreed it was fly time to bend me back to Yuma
even though it was close to sundown and the vows
were kicking up rust in the yields and I was mired
and in search of company more transmittable than that
of an old fame phony in need of a good deal






Long established fish tale lore has it that when asked if he could ride, Jack Nicholson replied, "like the fucking wind." He had never sat on a horse.