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Julie Marie Wade


is for real people     is a political act     is complete nonsense     is a destructive force for Wallace Stevens     is the drug of choice     is a sudden process of verbal compression     is powerful     is plucking at the heartstrings     is for bards     is a very complex thing     is fun     is found in life     is about one living thing     is increasing every day     is banned     is sent in by you     is published     is everywhere     is generally bad     is not a luxury     is sexy     is not something to fuck around with     is only the beginning     is in play      is not lucrative     is sometimes ugly      is no shameful disease     is sacred     is written in the bathroom     is more than just words     is for children     is not an hermetic academic pursuit     is life-like     is a joyful music to the ears     is connected to the body     is built like that     is free online     is driving me mad     is often redundant     is extra     is niche     is what fish won't eat     is often understood to be about the tongue & cheek     is useless     is the strength of three Advil     is done     is direct     is for healing     is exciting     is for real people like me     is celebrated especially in Tampa     is in the details      is common sense     is just the evidence we're lacking     is not nutritious     is neuroanatomy     is my brain child     is the reason I live     is for wimps     is not something I do every now & then     is fodder for the realistic aesthetic class     is written in the four line ballad form of rhymed quatrains     is once more the talk of the town     is called the dreamer's elixir  for a reason    is a form of psychoanalytic treatment     is pain     is not my particular vice     is a graceful dancer with elegance and flair     has many shapes and forms but     is not square     is connected to the body again     is Baudelaire's debt to society     is the best prophylactic against apathy     is often understood to be about little other than courtly love and romantic excess     is for suckers     is the strength of a ghazal     is the place for you to discover what you mean     is easy since you can make any sentence more lyrical by mentioning blood or bone




This poem serves as the $400 question in the "Googlisms" category of my new Jeopardy!-themed manuscript. I grew up watching Jeopardy! every night and couldn't imagine not writing a tribute to the show. [Two more poems from the Jeopardy! project] were recently published by West Branch--from the category of "Idiomatic." The poet who first inspired me to attempt a Googlism poem was Neil de la Flor, in his brilliant collection, An Elephant's Memory of Blizzards, where he surprises and enchants the reader with a number of Googlisms for someone named Steve. Like Neil himself, these Googlisms are witty and wondrous. When I first moved to South Florida, Neil was the first poet I read with, and his book was one of the first I reviewed for The Florida Book Review. [Here's] why I love his project so much.