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L Vella



Bent as if
grafted, effuse. I was
mistaken. I

identify. Find me

in darkness. Husk into
husk. Vanished into skin.

Combed. What used to be
fallow. Fluvial, in flux,

an esophagus, fluent in

something like teeth.



Though lucent
the sun, find her.

In the dream, her teeth redden.

Among precipice,
among zenith.

In the dream, the craters harden.

Spun violet,
sundry, brined.

Ravel to mantle
or ravel to rind.

In manifold dark, she sublimes.




Hush, we clutch
ephemera, stitch

quilt, baby
teeth as masquerade,

subterrane. Phosphoresce,
half-life wind down wide

the marrow-born, the
marginalia. Hush

again, lest we
dream the earth

wide open.



We nebula, we cauterize.
Mercurial twine,
now margined, outer.

Turbines on
the underside. Split

stitch, ionize. Quick, switch.
Transit, visage.

Remember skin,
mesh, gauze spun
from silence or spine.




These poems were born from the liminal spaces between sound and syntax, the collision of the biological and mechanical, the threshold between the astronomical and terrestrial, and the strange reality of dreams and [teeth]. "A word comes from the body like breath, like saliva, and transforms. Surrendered to sound, it is free to take other shapes and sounds. Its unreliability makes me admit again the illusion inherent in assuming that what comes out of the mouth will be accepted in exactly the same shape and form." - from ["This wor(l)d as an illusion"] by Tsering Wangmo Dhompa