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Isaac George Lauritsen


Ask the cars their duty to the traffic. They say,
"having a round of groans," so they deserve

a mustache, a half a ring of hair, curmudgeons
that they are. This one has a sixteen year old

for a brain. This one is blue and blue
with the concern that it could be painted later

with a deer. This one passes contraptions
lopping grass in half for a neat feature

and hope for the future. This one lets out
a Person who's had a lot of handshakes

for one day, who has a package to cut in half
for an opportunity for fun. Person doesn't want

to unfridge the food. Person wants a convenient
shirt to see itself off. Person never wants to leave

to grocery shop again. Thinks Person, rain will be
my shopper making groceries of the lawn and I'll say,

"thanks, rain, have a great day raining back up into clouds     
via a process. I have literally no idea how you happen."

Person wants a house with enough compartments
that Person never needs to leave again. Like a drawer

with a miniature forest, a stay at home adventure
would be nice. It could take the rest of Person's life.

There'd be supplies, tundras, tasks, unsavory soups
and characters who are minor compared to the companion

Person becomes to Person who never knows if
they have purchased their life's final winter coat.





As someone who has never owned a car and drives approximately 0-3 times a year, this is my best guess at what cars are about.