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Stevie Edwards


                                                                 Fantasy after Watching Teeth (2007)

Men come to me with their ugly
                                                                 ploughing & I shout, Hail
                 to the weed-wacker, Motherfucker.
                                                                 O yes, O I need the red, O my poor
dizzy head, O it spins, it spins me.
                                                                 I am such a wretch without my iron
                 supplements. I find men's sausages
                                                                 make the best lozenges.
I didn't understand it at first.
                                                                 I've always been a picky eater
                                    fed cabbage & radishes
                 to the family corgi
                                                                 & sulked to sleep with a rumble
in my tummy. My second mouth can't help  
                                                                 but gnash ravenous
                 at the sight of a good, plump
                                                     kielbasa. Hunger shepherds
every animal. Tell me something
                                                     Dumpling, have you deserved
                 all the sugar plums & arabesques
                                                                 you've devoured? Have you
ever snuck into the kitchen, licked
                                                     fresh batter from an unpatrolled
                 spoon without asking the baker
                                                                 if she'd like to share?






"Mouthy" was written after watching the film Teeth, a darkly comedic horror film involving a woman who discovers she has vagina dentata. While being sexually assaulted, the protagonist bites off the penis of her assailant using her second mouth. I was drawn to the movie as an outlet of feminine rage and as a revenge fantasy against patriarchal violence. This piece does not strictly follow the movie, however: it is a revenge fantasy inspired by watching the film.