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* We believe in the serial comma.

* Here's our feeling on the bios. We prefer them to be entertaining, but above all they should be useful. Hence we include email addresses and website where you can find the writers, if the writers agree to this. We don't like to list awards or graduate degrees unless they are useful for readers. (We suspect these are not useful for readers.) However, we are happy to list other places you might find these writers' work, and where they teach or work, if you want to find them and send them cash or love or creepy or dirty or just plain sweet photos.

Nicholas Alti is one happy camper, folks. He's taking it easy. He's watching things, reading things, even sometimes doing things. A transplant from the rural Midwest to the Deep South. Existing with him are two dogs and eight frogs. More of his writing exists over yonder at Poet Lore, DREGINALD, Puerto del Sol & Into the Void. [email]

Brian Barker is a poet and collage artist from Denver, CO. [instagram] [email]

Jack Barker-Clark is a writer from the North of England. His fiction appears in Hobart, Litro, Short Fiction and elsewhere. [website] [email]

James Braun's work has appeared and is forthcoming in Fiction International, Minnesota Review, Bayou Magazine, Laurel Review, Sequestrum, and elsewhere. James is currently a first-year fiction candidate at the Iowa Writers' Workshop.

David M Brunson's poems and translations have appeared in or are forthcoming from Copper NickelPoetry OnlineMānoa: A Pacific Journal of International Writing, Blackbird, Booth, and elsewhere. He is the editor and translator of A Scar Where Goodbyes Are Written: The Poetry of Venezuelan Migrants in Chile, forthcoming from LSU Press in March 2023. [website] [instagram] [twitter]

Jaye Chen studies math and English at Yale University. Previously, they wrote for the collaborative writing experiment Babel Between Us. She writes in both English and Chinese. [twitter] [website] [email]

Irene Cooper is the author of Found, a crime thriller noir set in Colorado; Committal, a poet-friendly spy-fy about family; and spare change, a poetry collection. Writings appear in Denver Quarterly, The Feminist Wire, The Rumpus, streetcake, Witness, and elsewhere. Irene teaches in community & supports AIC-directed creative writing opportunities at a regional prison. She lives in Oregon with her people & Maggie.

Stephanie Couey is from Riverside, California. She is a PhD candidate in English at the University of Colorado Boulder. Her chapbook Quiet Pulse is forthcoming with Dancing Girl Press, and her poetry and prose are published or forthcoming in The Hunger, Anamesa, Oyster River Pages, and elsewhere. [email]

Stevie Edwards is the author Sadness Workshop (Button Poetry), Humanly (Small Doggies Press), and Good Grief (Write Bloody Publishing). Their poetry appears in Poetry Magazine, American Poetry Review, Missouri Review, Crazyhorse, and elsewhere. Edwards teaches at Clemson University and is the Poetry Editor of The South Carolina Review. [website] [email]

Kelly Fordon is the author of a short story collection, I Have the Answer (Wayne State University Press, 2020), a poetry collection, Goodbye Toothless House (Kattywompus Press, 2019), and a novel-in-stories, Garden for the Blind (WSUP 2015), as well as three poetry chapbooks. She teaches in Detroit. [blog

Sarah Haak is an essayist from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She is a doctoral candidate at the University of Cincinnati, where she studies literary nonfiction writing and trauma studies. Before taking up writing, she was a chef, a small business owner, and a natural therapeutic specialist with a focus in herbal medicine making. She currently serves as an Assistant Editor for Acre Books, and some of her work is published in Fourth Genre, Sonora ReviewEssay Daily, and The Pinch. [website] [email]

Jonathan Haddad teaches French and French literature in Athens, Georgia. He usually writes about eighteenth-century French translations and interpretations of Turkish literature for publications like Mediterranean Studies, but has recently strayed from these topics due to unforeseen circumstances. [twitter] [email]

Kirsten Kaschock is the author of five poetry books, most recently Explain This Corpse from Lynx House Press. Coffee House Press published her debut speculative novel, Sleight. [website] [email]

Jon Kemsley has been published in Neon, New Reader, New World Writing, TXTOBJX, ē·rā/tiō, and others. He lives and works on the south coast of England. Jon has bad dreams that he writes down and sends to people he doesn't know. Although some of them write back to thank him, Jon wonders if there isn't something else he should be doing with his time. [email]

Patrick McGinty's fiction and essays have appeared in publications including ZYZZYVA, The Baffler, Bright Wall/Dark Room, and The New Inquiry, among others. His Sunday book reviews regularly appear in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and he teaches in the English Department at Slippery Rock University. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Candace Jane Opper, and their son.

Adam Patric Miller is the author of A Greater Monster (Autumn House Press, 2014). His work has appeared in River Styx, The Blue Earth Review, Agni Magazine, The Florida Review, and Brevity's Nonfiction Blog. He teaches high school English, writes, and sometimes plays the violin in St. Louis, MO. [twitter] [instagram] [email]

Laura Mullen is the author of eight books and the Kenan Chair in the Humanities at Wake Forest University. Recent poems have appeared in Together in a Sudden Strangeness, Posit, and Bettering American Poetry. Her translation of Veronique Pittolo's Hero was published by Black Square Editions in 2019. [website] [email]

Cate Peebles is the author of Thicket (Lost Roads Press, 2018) and several chapbooks, including The Woodlands (Sixth Finch Books, 2016) and James(dancing girl press, 2014). Her poems can be found in the American Poetry Review, Bear Review, South Dakota Review, Poetry Northwest, and Harp & Altar, among others. She is an archivist at Tulane University and lives in New Orleans. [website] [email]

Kathryn Smith is a poet and mixed media artist living in Spokane, WA. She is the author of Self-Portrait with Cephalopod (Milkweed Editions, 2021), Book of Exodus (Scablands Books, 2017), and the chapbook Chosen Companions of the Goblin (Open Country Press, 2019.) Her poems and visual poetry have appeared in Gettysburg Review, Willow Springs, Fugue, Poetry Northwest, The Journal, Brink, Permafrost, and elsewhere. [website] [email]

Edward Trefts lives in Austin, Texas. His work has appeared in Dreginald

Zachary Tyler Vickers is the author of Congratulations on Your Martyrdom! [Indiana University Press]. He is a graduate of the Iowa Writers' Workshop, and the recipient of the Kurt Vonnegut Prize, the Richard Yates Prize, and the Grand Prize for Best Television Pilot Script at the 2021 Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival, among others. His work has appeared in many journals, including The Saturday Evening Post, Boston Review, and The Iowa Review. [website] [email]

William Woolfitt's poems, short stories, and essays have appeared in AGNI, Blackbird, Tin House, The Threepenny Review, The Cincinnati Review, and elsewhere. He is the author of three poetry collections, most recently Spring Up Everlasting (Mercer University Press, 2020). His essay collection Eyes Moving Through the Dark is forthcoming from Orison Books.