TEXT AND IMAGE:   T Abeyta  •  Nicholas Alti  •  James Belflower and Matthew Klane  •  Sam Campbell  •  Jennifer Case  •  Brian Clifton  •  Kym Cunningham  •  Emily Flouton  •  Sarah Gorham  •  Mandy Gutmann-Gonzalez  •  Grant Howington  •  Evan J Massey   •  Carrie Oeding  •  Lucy Schiller  •  Avigayl Sharp  •  Lucy Wainger  •  Kate Wisel

REVIEWS:   Henry Goldkamp on Holly Melgard  •  John Hay on Corey Van Landingham  •  Zachary Tyler Vickers on Jason Ockert

SCHEMATICS:    1/4 HP Capacitor Start Copelametic Motor-Compressor Unit  •  Adaptive Peaks and Valleys in the Field of Gene Combinations  •  The Double ABCX Stress Adaptation Model  •  A Hypothetical Polyploid Complex with Species Having the Basic Gametic Number n = 7