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Betsy Fagin


we are finally crest
point fallen
the investigation received
arrest their leader
determination masquerading
with something to prove
to profit, population
the tens and tens of people
on the internets


known shelter and dinner
the best chocolate cake
a cloth handkerchief
for hours menacing
messages across Europe
gave so much adverse
yet remains popular
despite what you say.
how can he?


how on earth
can you answer that
with I thinks and I feels
I feel and I burrow
I cave and am embarrassed
I can make no protest
I am forced. I play
despite losses and call
for winds, for rain.






The U.S. launched air strikes on Syria in April 2017 while then-president Trump was dining at Mar-a-Lago with Chinese President Xi Jinping and feeling into their "chemistry." Besides forgetting which country was being bombed, mistaking Iraq for Syria when he made the announcement of the air strikes, what I found arresting was his focus on the chocolate cake they were having for dessert, "[the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you've ever seen.]" Some of that cake made its way into this poem.