TEXT & IMAGE: Ayesha Asad, Monica Berlin, Mary Biddinger, Lara Egger, Abbey Frederick, Maria Dylan Himmelman, Will Howard, Angie Macri, Brittany Means, Debra Monroe, Christina Olson, Simon Perchik, Christopher Santantasio, Karlo Sevilla, Jon Stone, and Natalie Louise Tombasco

REVIEWS: John Bonanni on Larry Levis, Joe Sacksteder on Rob Roensch, and Jesi Buell on Thea Prieto

SCHEMATICS: A Front View of a Portion of a Human Body Illustrating the Application of the Present Invention thereto in a Radical Breast Dissection or Breast Removal, Graphic Representations of Ida Step Cycles, In Elevation, an Alternative Embodiment of a Fluidic Oscillator with Triangular Cavities Configured to Promote Circular Flow within each Cavity and Help Induce Oscillating Instability in the Fluid Jet, The Index as the Pivot of the Art Nexus, Layout—Centralab Switch 1457