Angie Lee


Acne in your forties shows atypical energy loss
The spousal voice is tangent to the passive
One day, your metaphors will be driven home by magnets.


Formally, joy can come out of thin air
The need to lie perfectly inert has something to do with redundant nozzles of perspiration
Heavy ions can smooth your panty lines.


A possessive turns an inkling into a better you
Open-toed shoes occupy the intersection of wishes and supermassive wants
Do not deny the exploration of dark or semi-sweet matter.


A steady wail does no work, nor does it look good in drop caps
All languages contract along the axis of the elegaic
For every two emotions there exists no more than one thumbtack to hold them up.






A dear poet friend told me I needed to write a self-help guide for writers. She's shorter than me but knows kung fu so I take her advice. We all need that gentle hand-squeeze, especially now. "Come on."