TEXT & IMAGE: Elisabeth Lloyd Burkhalter  ÷  Kayleb Rae Candrilli  ÷  Katharine Coles  ÷  Tarik Dobbs  ÷  Audrey Gradzewicz  ÷  Miah Jeffra  ÷  Mimi Kawahara  ÷  Angie Lee  ÷  Kristen Renee Miller  ÷  A Prevett  ÷  Sarah Terez Rosenblum  ÷  Sarah Ruhlen  ÷  Glenn Shaheen  ÷  Martha Silano  ÷  Shriram Sivaramakrishnan  ÷  Khal Torabully, trans. Nancy Naomi Carlson  ÷  Scarlett Eliza Wardrop  ÷  Sharon White  ÷  Chris Winfield  ÷  Scott Withiam  ÷  Rachel Zavecz.

REVIEWS: Henry Goldkamp on Valerie Hsiung  ÷  MJ Bender on Derek Mong  ÷  on Susan Neville's The Town of Whispering Dolls

SCHEMATICS: Deflector Lofts  ÷  Floating Box by E. Frankenberg, Hannover, Germany, 1896: Side View, Section  ÷  If the Cladogram of the Ensifera (Crickets, Katydids, and Seven Other Related Families) Shown Below is Correct, How Many Times Has Acoustical Signaling Evolved in This Group?  ÷ Let us Consider a Loop in X  ÷  Let us Consider K + 1 Copies of the Union as Shown on the Picture  ÷  The Olfactory Navigation Hypothesis Tested  ÷ Probst & Philippon's Collapsible Lifebuoy  ÷  Spatial Learning by a Beewolf  ÷