Issue 20.4 Index Image

TEXT & IMAGE by Benjamin Aleshire, Rachel Busnardo, Diana Clarke, Aidan Forster, Nicole Caruso Garcia, Alina Gregorian, Dustin M Hoffman, Stephen Ira, Gilad Jaffe, Sylvia Jones, W Todd Kaneko, James Henry Knippen, Susannah Lodge-Rigal, Petra Magno, Clay Matthews, Susan Neville, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Evan Nicholls, Marko Pogačar, trans. Andrea Jurjević, Nick Francis Potter, Jamie Thomson, and Kelly Weber.

REVIEWS: Henry Goldkamp on Tracy Fuad, Joe Aguilar on Robert Long Foreman, Andrew Rihn on Robert Miltner

SCHEMATICS: The Flow Chart of the Operations, Its Flow Chart is Given at Right, The Matrix of the Game, The Prisoner's Reception at the Penitentiary, The Two-Headed Flow Chart of Duel, A Year-Old Baby Falling from a Fourth-Floor Window onto the Head of a Burly Truck Driver