TEXT & IMAGE: Venita Blackburn, John Mark Brown, Ryan Clark, JI Daniels, Kara Dorris, Gabe Durham, Jacob Griffin Hall, Nazifa Islam, Canese Jarboe, Benjamin Kessler, Kelly Krumrie, Jesse Littlejohn, Kara McMullen, E C Messer, Christopher Patton, Delia Rainey, Keith Taylor, Adam Tedesco, Jess Williard.

REVIEWS: Donald Revell on Kathryn Cowles, Evan Gray on Nathan Hauke, Dustin Parsons on Dennis James Sweeney, Henry Goldkamp on Rodrigo Toscano.

SCHEMATICS: Collision DiagramOcean Pkwy. & Ave. P.Brooklyn, 1956, Collision Presence Signal, Conflict Points at an Intersection of Two-Way Streets, Graphic Symbols—Plan Views, and Sections and Profiles, Ice Cloggings in a Siberian River (V-S Regime), Sitting and Standing Postures Differ Significantly from Culture to Culture, View of Tubes on Glove Used to Detect Finger Bending.