Maxwell Shanley



If you saw. If you saw a person. If a person's eyes. If you saw a person's eyes in their moving human body. If their moving human body was a flash of sun. If their moving human body was sacred. If sacred moving human body on this earth. Moves and moves the grass. If this earth mattered. Said what do you know about endings. If you listen real close. This world is trying to kill you. If it mattered that a sacred moving human body was on this earth. If you ever cried. If you real close come over here. If a person's eyes —and it made you cry. If a flash of sun. If speaker of flame. If daylight turns a knob. If in the setting sun you spoke alone, alone —like that. If you felt cloud fall. If you person of cloud, if you, in your rising, lifted morning from night's room. Heart come moonlit through crush and drop. If you performed ghosts. It's with such a leaflessness. If loud machine ("nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands") with heart like shit. If loud machine like dripping with hell. If I'm scared every day. If you're scared every day. If small hands / loud machine brings cloud. If it hurts. If I am looking for my keys. If I am looking for a key. If you will help me look for a key. If you will help me look for a door. If we are keys if we are doors. If morning from night's room, you cloud machine cloud the machine. If you, cloud machine, of the treeline strip the sky. If the door —it's okay if you can't find the language. If the door says father will you lift these burning stones. If this world come cherries unkillable in the mouth. If daylight, your breath is my face, sickens to skeletal. If the flowers hurt to look at. If you ever said the erased body contains memory. If the body erased the memory erased, not so —crumb box, this life, crumb box, as with all things. If you in your dreaming spool. The memory on sticks. The memory on scraps. Said what do endings know about you. If you will help me perform ghosts maybe we can perform person maybe we can perform daylight flash of sun your breath is my face it's okay if you can't stop crying





Dissociation as coping mechanism. Fog as poetics. Burn-off as ethics.

The quoted line is from e.e. cummings' "somewhere i have never travelled,gladly beyond"