US Patent Application US5714107A, May 20, 1994. Inventors: Ruth Lisa Levy, Henry Louis Griesbach III, Jay Sheldon Shultz, La-Donna Lynn McCullar Bishop Brown

Suggested by Amber Nicole Brooks

Fragments of my father's work persist in the figures in his patents, from his time in nonwovens research. I found a Vietnam deferment letter from a long-ago employer in a box: this set a path for this work, in a way. In addition to boxes, databases are now where parts of people's lives remain, after. Just as Google Patent catalogs one vein of my father's opus, I digitize, here, a little piece of prose for my dad: Memento mori. Patent drafts on yellow legal pads. Lists of everything. Cucumbers, snow peas, flats of seeds, peppers, and piano and we: Gershwin, Mancini, the Joplins. Blackberry pie, pancakes and Karo. Words and figures fill yellow legal pads. Memento mori. —Amber Nicole Brooks