Rochelle Hurt



what's in a game: he twists me around: hey Rosy: get cozy: a posy for me my oh and my I only: a shy-show like a puzzle box: his voice a finger in the lock: right on the rose: is a me is a me is a me: a maze: come find my center: get a pocketful for free: for girl-calling with wordseed: dead ringers: like carnivaling: shoot to fill my hot cheeks: two balloons blown pink: rigged with a secret tongue between: my whole to keep: scores in red rows: I’m a tossed die: see my sick sides: all-in: good pun he says is a rope in hand: a shove of decency: he rose to greet me: haw-haw: a command: who doesn't want to be a verb: his skin eschewing: oh gee I say: how pun-y: so see: eww and eye: we noun the same: different quellings






At some point I was taught that narrative and lyricism are at odds, so my goal with this series is to create narrative progression from so-called lyrical elements like music and wordplay. The poems deal largely with gender, another failed binary.