TEXT & IMAGE /// Arlene Ang, Shanan Ballam, Michael Chaney, Oscar Cuevas, Tim Earley, Beth Ann Fennelly, Sara Eliza Johnson, Diane K Martin, Robert Miltner, Rachel Mindell, Stephanie Ellis Schlaifer, Joel Smith, Liam Swanson, Matthew Vollmer, Caroline Wilkinson, and Marco Wilkinson

REVIEWS /// Will Cordeiro on Carolyn Hembree, Jake Syersak on Eileen Myles, Gavin Buckley on Benjamin Rybeck, and JoAnna Novak on Erin Stalcup

SCHEMATICS /// Buoyant Sea-Boot by Arnold Louis Howarth, England, 1930, Charts for Transmission Line Problems, Graphic Diagram of the Cycle of Tone Reproduction, Schematic Diagram of the Cycle of Tone Reproduction, Stretching is Fatiguing, String of Rubber-Covered Cork Pieces to Be Used as a Life-Saving Device.