David A. Armbruster, Robert Allen, and Hobert Sherwood Billingsley, Swimming and Diving, fifth edition, The C. V. Mosby Co., 1968


The arms swing forward and upward to a position directly above the head as the diver jumps from the platform. The head remains directly in line with the body and, as the jump is made, slightly away from the platform. The legs lift upward immediately as they leave the platform by contracting the thigh and stomach muscles along with the swing of the arms on the take-off. As the legs move upward toward a vertical position, the arms move forward to touch the feet. The touch is made as the body begins to drop toward the water. The diver has a much better sense of direction if he watches his hands touch the feet. After the touch is made, the body begins to extend from the pike position by moving the arms laterally over the head and looking straight back at the water. The arms extent completely over the head, and the body straightens as the diver makes a vertical entry.