TEXT & IMAGE >>> Scott Russell Duncan, Ryan Flanagan, Emma Grimsley, Charles Hood, Shane Jones, Brandon Krieg, Gary L. McDowell, Bryan Reid, Kathleen Rooney, Richard Siken, Chaulky White, and Brooke Juliet Wonders

REVIEWS >>> Kim Parko on Emily Kendal Frey, Allie Leach on Kerry Howley and Cameron Conaway, Andie Francis on Melanie Jordan, and On Chaulky White.

SCHEMATICS >>> Key Stumps, Map of Transport Isotims Showing Theoretical Line of Indifference and Actual Areas and Points of Indifference in the Landed Cost of Products of Two Competing Companies Operating Under F.O.B. Origin or Individual Delivered Pricing Policies, Positive Correlations Between Plant Species in Grassland, Forming a Constellation, Schematic Diagram of the EMMA-4 Instrument for Combined Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis, Stump Points are Usually the Best and in Lakes with a Current, the "Up-Current" Point is Better, and The Use of Permanent Quadrats to Show the Change of Abundance of Festuca (shaded) and Hieracium (H) in enclosed (A) and control (B) plots.