Michelle Dove


If firsthand experience is unmatched, is it our memory that encourages replication? Of course we can never escape our ego. All secondhand experiences happen to us firsthand, but not all firsthand experiences inspire replication. At what ages are exchanges between old and young mutually reciprocal? In terms of procreation and housing, our thirties and forties are mostly alike. Are we resistant to change if we’re on a roll? We are never experienced enough to age gracefully in life. In this way all life is some degree of mistake. When one of our parents dies it is apparent that one fewer person is watching. This says nothing for the person who has never had the sensation of being watched.




When the effects of the medications lessen, we begin thinking regular things in new ways. In this way an unhealthy body harnesses potential. We know that expectation effects how we experience, but do we know how experience effects our expectations? I met my most energetic friends when I thought the program would be full of introverts. But when we laugh so hard we are crying, how we became friends no longer matters—only that we are.











All alt vices derive from people’s advices but not all people’s advices beget alt vices.