U. S. Navy Bureau of Supplies and Accounts, found in J. L. Heskett, Robert M. Ivie, and Nicholas A. Glaskowsky, Jr., Business Logistics: Management of Physical Supply and Distribution, The Ronald Press Co., 1964


A common size of pallet, and one that has been recommended as a standard for industry, is the 40'' by 48'' type. However, many other sizes are currently in use. For each size, a number of pallet patterns, or ways of stacking individual cartons or containers on the pallet, have been devised. Several developed by the U. S. Navy Bureau of Supplies and Accounts are shown [at right]. Many others have been developed by this same organization for pallets of various sizes. Pallet size and modular packaging box dimensions must be determined concurrently if the pallet-package sub-system is to be most effectively designed.