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* Here's our feeling on the bios. We prefer them to be entertaining, but above all they should be useful. Hence we include email addresses and website where you can find the writers, if the writers agree to this. We don't like to list awards or graduate degrees unless they are useful for readers. (We suspect these are not useful for readers.) However, we are happy to list other places you might find these writers' work, and where they teach or work, if you want to find them and send them cash or love or creepy or dirty or just plain sweet photos.

Erin M. Bertram wants you to know that you’re okay.  She's the author of several chapbooks, most recently Memento Mori, and is working on a PhD at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She also interns at Outlinc, an LGBTQ advocacy organization. Her favorite color is grass stain. [website]

Alisha Bruton is a circus where a brown bear named Wanderlust and a brown bear named Well-Tended Garden chase each other on tiny bikes in circles, forever. [email]

Christine Butterworth-McDermott is the author of Woods & Water, Wolves & Women and the editor of Gingerbread House Literary Magazine.

Meagan Cass is the author of Range of Motion (Magic Helicopter Press, 2014). Her fiction has appeared in Hayden's Ferry Review, The Pinch, Hobart Web, and PANK, among others. She is an assistant professor at the University of Illinois Springfield and serves as an assistant editor for Sundress Publications. [email] [website]

Barbara Flug Colin teaches a writing program she created for the Henry Viscardi School, in Albertson, New York, an elementary and high school for severely physically disabled students whose poems, written during her 23 years there, are so inspiring that she's anthologizing them. She was a contributing editor of Frigate; has published poems, essays and interviews in art, literary and teaching magazines and anthologies; received Teachers and Writers' 2012 Bechtel Prize; and is writing a language-memory reflection: The Genealogy of a Sport: Skiing, Tennis, Swimming. [email]

Kelly Connor lives in a cornfield and works in a kitchen. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Juked, Black Warrior Review, Smoking Glue Gun, and Ghost Proposal. [email]

Paul Crenshaw's stories and essays have appeared or are forthcoming in Best American Essays 2005 and 2011, anthologies by W. W. Norton and Houghton Mifflin, and numerous literary journals, including Glimmer Train, Ecotone, North American Review, and Southern Humanities Review. He teaches writing and literature at Elon University. [email]

Eric Helms is the founding editor of Floor Plan Journal. His latest work can be found in MadHat Lit, American Athenaeum, Death Hums, Souvenir, and Blunderbuss. He lives in Washington Heights with his wife & two cats, gogo & didi. [email] [twitter]

Maxim Loskutoff grew up in Missoula, Montana. He's worked in hospitals in Dallas and Chicago, a university in the Middle East, and a small, windowless office in Florida. His stories have appeared in Narrative, Witness, Hobart, Slice, and Willow Springs, among other publications. [email] [website]

Vyshali Manivannan is currently pursuing a Communications Ph. D. at Rutgers University, focusing on digital cultures and subcultures, visual discourse and textual culture, and the value of transgression. She has published scholarship on comics and animation and Internet subcultures, most recently in Enculturation with work forthcoming in Fibreculture and The Joker: Critical Essays on the Clown Prince of Crime. Her first novel Invictus was published in 2004, and she has also published work in Black Clock, theNewerYork, and Consequence. [email]

Lisa Nicholas-Ritscher is a writer raised in rural Washington State and now works as an editor in Seattle. She is currently working on a collection of collage essays about childhood in the small, Bavarian Village-themed town of Leavenworth, WA. She plays the clarinet, and like everybody, plays the fool, sometimes. [email]

JoAnna Novak is the Pushcart-Prize-nominated author of two prose chapbooks: Laps (Another New Calligraphy, 2014) and Something Real (dancing girl press, 2011). A finalist for Sarabande's 2014 Mary McCarthy Prize in Short Fiction, her work has recently appeared in DIAGRAM, Pank, Guernica, Hobart, and the New Orleans Review. With Thomas Cook and Tyler Flynn Dorholt, she publishes and edits Tammy. She lives in Massachusetts, where she is working on a memoir and a novel. [website]

Liz Robbins' third collection, Freaked, won the 2014 Elixir Press Annual Poetry Award. Her second collection, Play Button, won the 2010 Cider Press Review Book Award; her album Picked Strings is a recording of various poems from that collection. Her chapbook Girls Turned Like Dials won the 2012 YellowJacket Press prize. Poems are in recent or forthcoming issues of Beloit Poetry Journal, Cortland Review, Cream City Review, Denver Quarterly, Fourteen Hills, Grist, Hayden's Ferry Review, The Kenyon Review, and South Dakota Review. She's an associate professor of creative writing at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida. [email] [blog]

Curtis Rogers has poems appearing or forthcoming in The Literary Review, Cream City ReviewPhantom Limb, Vinyl Poetry, The Atlas Review, Coconut, and elsewhere. Currently he lives and works in Washington, DC. [email]

Travis-David Smith left Seattle after graduate school for a respite in the Chihuahuan Desert and currently teaches drawing at a small college. He wanders with his dog, Parker. His work has appeared in Versal no.9, 2011. [email]