TEXT BY: C Dylan Bassett, Carrie Collier, Kathryn Cowles, Brooke Ellsworth, James Franco, Emily Franklin, Derek Furr, Nicholas Grider, Bradley Harrison, Emily Hunt, Agustin Lucas trans. Jesse Lee Kercheval, Rachel Morgan, and J. A. Tyler

REVIEWS: Matt Sadler on Edmund Berrigan, Lisa Ampleman on The Aeneid trans. David Hadbawnik, and Caroline Wilkinson on Rachel Moritz and Juliet Patterson

SCHEMATICS: Bayesian Conceptualization of an Office, Claymores Employed in Ambush, Encoding of Visual Space by a Gaze-Dependent Visual Neuron, Reaching Activity in a V6A Neuron, Sample of Emotional Space, Schematic of Slimebot, The Time Evolution of the Morphology of Slimebot Under Different Velcro Strength (See from Left to Right), and Visual Proof of the Triangle Inequality for Information Distance