Lydia Ship


lightning cabinet, n.

  • A little cabin, room, repository, with lightning.           
    • A secret receptacle, treasure-chamber, store-house; arcanum, etc.

His cabinet full of dock parties, small selves of him walking along the docks with his friends, when he used to make paper kites out of money and send them on their way, when he used to skip coins instead of stones, when he had friends. "Go pack up!" they said when he was broke. He packed his cabinet. He packed drawings of his kites, and he packed even himself. The cabinet rode on the lightning, into a small house on another island, where a beautiful woman slept. She wanted the drawings he showed her, and opened her cabinet to reveal small selves of her collecting all of his kites that had been strewn along the shore. So they put the cabinets inside the kites and themselves inside the cabinets. Perhaps they'd seek the lightning. Perhaps they had already.



Recently I got stuck in a hospital half the day, but happily I had a pack of [10 OF DIAGRAMs] in my bag, and this compressed piece appeared some time later. The relationship between kites and lightning is well known.