Tyler Gobble


for NF

I will see you later! But before I go let me tell you the little dandelion
in my pocket is today heavier than whatever it is that weighs you—

                              the backpack     the canned goods     the momma's mouth     the jar

of mayonnaise for your hair. What you know—The round lid
did not fit the square jar. Play time is almost over. And then each day
outside you. The bird will fly in the spring and then one day it will die
                                                                       is another way to say this.
                                                                       a.k.a the curiosity and the dust and the squabbles
                                                                                                                                                                   over time.

My dog has always liked to bark and then bury his bone.       
A bark is smaller than a river. He is outrunning the wind. You have two sisters.       
I have one bone, which is missing. I will own this story at the beginning.

                              Can you hear your heart being?
If you make a big mess.
If you make your momma happy.
                              How do you produce a quality name?

This piece is yours and that piece is time. I saw lightning during the welcoming ceremony.
Then I heard the doorbell ahead of us. My momma trained umbrellas
in the closet for rainy days. Then they'd flower unblinkingly as if hypnotized.

          Your leg could not bend without your knee. A fine-toothed comb will
          untangle your hair. If the floppy shoe does not fit the foot, try the pointy party
          hat. Please trust me. I am here today. I once was absent tomorrow.

Your dress looks plain without the fancy bow. But perhaps better
if you do it on purpose. Hello, N. You'll be happy to learn the women's rights
movement encouraged equal inspiration. So pull the wagon behind you

          up the hill. So paddle your axe into the shallow water. Remember the time
          we caught fish at the edge of the canoe. Remember when C pitched our tent
          in the campfire. The fear from the fire warmed our hands. I stroked the oars

into the coals. The war is mostly different twigs on the hill your momma fell
down after climbing. The war ended and there was past. There is never one
apple left in the basket. Bruised in the defeat. The war ended and there was peace

          at a distance. Allegiance stitched to a varietyof flags. A new toilet in the rowboat.
          We can go back to the park after tomorrow, or maybe tomorrow's tomorrow.
          A promise is white and illusion. Every good neighbor's yard is covered in grass.

                                                       The apple tree sometimes with shitty fruit.

You     too     homemade     what     these     words     mean.

                                                       Each and every person and a living blue.

If you would like, ask the teacher a question.
He practices his writing on a piece of water.
He drew this straight line using a ruler.

          At age six, brush your teeth with daydreams.
          A tree's trunk splits into branches as it grows. The other children will sing
          the book if scolded. At age twelve, carry a mallet to illuminate
          the dark path. Or, don't go outside unless there is lightning.
          The hole in the tiny unreason is often hard to thread.

                                                                                     At eighteen, win a million dollars.

A sandwich only takes two slices of bread. The snail always leaves a thick trail
of slime. The thunderstorm won't tie up loose ends in this story, though the lip
of the thunder was very loud. At twenty-four, go later, but perhaps that moment
is better. The stallion will always be a very powerful horse. You can't fit

          a square hunk of oak into a round patch of fog. Watch me tear the paper flower
          and throw the pieces. I almost tripped on your untied masterpiece. You will sprout
          and grow into a better flower. You could do better, but this is fine for now. Boys
          grow up to be wood. A colorful starfish appears after the storm. Teach yourself

in any chair you would like. The movie is buffering and everyone is smiling.

                                                            Thank you for your time.

You know where the sky is
                                             and you'll see it when I stop    showing it to you.





[My favorite poem]